Saturday, February 16, 2008


After searching high and low for a source for the Estonian Kauni Eferktgarn EQ yarn I have finally located it at in Oregon. They have a superb selection of Colinette, Malabrigo, Manos del Uruguay and Habu Textiles silk and stainless steel in several colors. I intend to use the Kauni for a shawl and the Habu for a scarf.


This was an experiment I tried initially with knitting needles. I found the wire too unwieldy. A crochet needle needle worked better, but I find the design too uninteresting to repeat. Perhaps a finer gauge would work better though there is the chance that it would break too often. I have just ordered some of Habu Textile's stainless steel and silk yarn which should lend itself to a more visually attractive project.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Watch Matt Beynon Rees talk about his new novel.
Red cotton jacket, Plymouth yarn Ribbit scarf.


The Bellini can be buttoned to be worn as a cuff. Thread a ribbon rhrough its upper edge , center the button amid the folds, pull the ribbon and presto, it becomes a neat flower than can be pinned to a lapel or to a hat.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Kisses in the morning, the warmth of a fire, wild cherry wood, a red hat, a red heart, red flowers, a purple bouquet, white wine, mango ice cream, brownies, a card from a friend. All mine.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


There are Bellinis and Bellinis--the painter and his works, the pureed peach and champagne drink and this half of a set of ruffled cotton cuffs ornamented with clear seed beads. All are appropriate for Valentine's Day. Though attaching the beads to the edge of the cuff is somewhat fidgety work, the crochet is simple enough for a beginner. I designed this pattern and I will write down if anyone wants it.
This work-in progress is an inexpensive warmer weather alternative to the Mrs. Beeton's Cuffs found at www, The latter calls for Rowan Kidsilk Spray in in Vino, available for $ 14.95 at and Rowan Cashsoft DK in Opulence, available at for $ 9.50
Check back for !Salero! the flamenco inspeired version of the Bellini.


Recently completed cotton needlecase and quiver of my own design.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Every knitter needs a bag. The advantage of making one's own is that one can alter a basic design, in this calls case McCalls M4905, to add three inner pockets, and four outer pockets. Next project is a needle case.

Friday, February 8, 2008


There are always those times when we have to admit that there is more to life than knitting. There is, for example, Valentine's Day speeding towards us. Those who celebrate it in Tel Aviv, can go to Bar Giora (4 Bar Giora Street, (3) 620-4880) where, according to The Jerusalem Post, " Upon entrance to the quaint enclosed garden setting, each diner will receive a condom and a rose. The food is just as enticing. For NIS 66 per couple you will dine on a selection of tapas such as shrimps in coconut milk, liver pate on crostini with cherry tomatoes and beer-battered mutton, stuffed champignon mushrooms and, you guessed it, a bottle of champagne. "

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Long before OSHA got into the scene, routine exposure to chemicals such as mercury Working in confined spaces with poor ventilation where the air was heavy with mercury vapors, hat makers eventually developed symptoms similar to those some knitters exhibit when they visit well-stocked yarn shops--tremors, confused speech, and hallucinations.
Whether or not they frequent yarn shops, new knitters are not immune to the Mad Hatter syndrome. Some spend hours surfing the net for patterns and exotic yarn; others pore over knitting books and yarn catalogs to the detriment of relationships, paying jobs and civic duties. Give a new knitter a simple pattern she can execute in a few hours and she will forget all about Super Tuesday, politics in the Middle East, and rumors of a looming recession to come up with more variations on the original design than she can ever use.
In my case, the original pattern is a hat from Knitting for Dummies. That is the pattern thanks to which I conquered ribbing. I made the first version in blue acryllic. Next I purloined some Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted from my daughter' stash to make a little number I call Limestone RibbIt Hat. I should add here that my daughter is my knitting coach. She is
completely self-taught,which goes to prove that there is no correlation between
IQ and mitochondrial DNA. Actually, the knitter in her family tree was her paternal grandfather when learned the craft when knitting for soldiers became part of the World War II effort.
Sharing the trash seems to be in her genes since she let me have cream colored Lion wool for Glitzy Hat, the pattern for which comes from Interweave Knits' marvelous little book, Knitting Little Luxuries. Rather that the numerous mother of pearl buttons recommended by the author, I used the less costly drilled natural mother of pearl chunks and clear seed beads for ornamentation. I opted to skip the bunch of flowers which completed the Interweave design.

I did use a crocheted flower to gussy up Tweedy Flapper, the hat I made with 5413 Plymouth Tweed, purchased, not purloined, at Pocket Meadow Farm in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, which can be accessed at With its fin de siecle air, this is my favorite hat in the lot. The blue acrylic Share the Stash hat, also pictured above, was less satisfactory. I have come to dislike the feel of acrylic yarn after working with wool, but I will continue to use it for the its hypoallergenic qualities. I will be taking some of my hats to the Oncology department of the Martinsburg City Hospital, in Martinsburg, WV, where they will be given to chemotherapy patients. Ergo, hypoallergenic fiber is best.
So Romney gave up the presidential race, we might or might not get 600 dollars from the feds, the novel needs editing, the scholarly piece has been ditched, my best beloved is coming home and a male person of foreign extraction sent me an outrageously mendacious message claiming,
"You're the tops, you're the Eiffel Tower." The big news is, I can rib. I can follow a pattern. Not all is well with the world. there is the trouble in Kenya, the possibility that Hamas now has the capability to launch long distance missiles against Israel--perish the thought--there was an earthquake in the Congo, tornadoes hit the American South and rumors of recession echo through the air waves. It is good to learn new skills and to share one's work.