Yet a new name for my fits-and-start blog. This time, I hope to include guest  posts from far-flung relatives and friends. These posts will be as  informal and  unpretentious  as relaxed conversations as those of good neighbours gathered in the back porch. Highbrow disquisitions  ex-cathedra pronouncements will be conspicuously absent. This renamed site deals with  Thingology, the science of making things. It proposes to engage artists, artisans and those who support them. It is a place to discuss aspirations,  ideas, experiences.. Art, crafts, food, gardening, upcycling, music, books,pets will be mentioned, of course. They are part of our lives. So are flights of fancy, occasional exuberance, joyful events and the simple business of living a life enriched by joyful work and play. Come join us. You may bring lemons. We will help you make lemon drops and lemonade. Heck, among us  we can  use those  lemons in  paintings, embroidery, knitting and crochet patterns or might just make stories and songs out of them.

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