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23 October 2008
Twenty year-old Texan Ashley Todd, a National College Republican employee working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, claims that she was assaulted by a 200 lbs., dark skinned robber armed with a knife. Todd alleges that her assailant held the knife to her neck as she withdrew money from a Bank of America ATM machine. She said that she gave him sixty dollars and that he seemed to be about to leave when he noticed a MCain sign on her car. At that point, she claims, he became so enraged he hit her on the back of her head, threw her to the ground, punched, kicked her and carved the letter B on her face.
Initial reports from AP and other mainstream news outlets left out any mention of political motivation for the assault. Since then, both indie and mainstream media wonks have been working overtime to register public outrage on the Republican side. Both McCain and Palin phoned Todd to offer moral support and the Obama-Biden campaign issued a statement expressing sympathy for Todd.
For some skeptics, Todd's story does not add up.
They want to know why a robber would take sixty dollars and leave her far more valuable Blackberry behind. They ask why she declined to seek medical help following the alleged assault. They wonder why in the photo taken she supposedly was punched and kicked, her are neither swollen nor bloodshot. They demand to know the nature of other injuries she must have suffered if the attack took place as described. They wonder whether this is a hoax engineered by Todd's employers who are said to be the fake plumbers unmasked at a McCain rally. They point out that the NCR is under investigation for coercing elderly people to make donations.
Pittsburgh police is planning to re interview Todd, who is, at present, incommunicado.

Whether Todd is legit or whether her attack is a rerun of the Towana Brawley case,
it is no news that Republicans gave ratcheted up the level of ugliness in this campaign. Unlike wealth, incitement to violence inevitably perks down and neither MCain nor Palin have made an honest effort to rein supporters who spew racist rhetoric at their rallies, who question the patriotism of their opponents and who rely on dirty tricks and nasty robocalls meant to besmirch Obama's reputation .
Things have gotten so dreadful I predict that if this is a hoax the McCain-Palin campaign will disavow Todd and claim that she is an Obama plant. If this is not a hoax, they will blame Obama and Bill Ayers for the alleged attack.
Stay tuned for late breaking "revelations" about the Domestic Socialist Terrorist , the love child of Obama and Mrs. Bin Laden's--or is it Mrs. Hitler? Never mind that when you do the math you will realise that at the time of little Soci's birth could not have been more than a glimmer in his parents' eyes.
It is going to be a hell of a week and a half.

It is getting too predictable, but remember, you read it here first.

It is getting too predictable, but remember, you read it here first.
From a Michelle Malkin reader ,

On October 23rd, 2008 at 8:34 pm, meangreenfan said:
I don’t know if it’s a hoax or not—I’ll wait until more details come out. Has it been confirmed by the Republicans, that in fact….this woman is a volunteer?That would tell us a lot.Because since Obama and troops make up crap about things being shouted at McCain rallies (”Kill him!”, etc)…..would it surprise you to find out that this gal is an Obama supporter….trying to generate bad pub for McCain?I’m just sayin’……

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