Saturday, June 12, 2010


Once  my guy and I  have mowed the grass, we welcome the daily downpour that keeps the rain barrel full. Water is a costly commodity in our community. Prior to the recession, developments mushroomed around the historic village. Improvident administrators refused to take into account the consequences of rampant growth. Among other services a bigger but not necessarily better village needs is  a new water plant. Guess who will be paying for it.
Little Macondo gets plenty of money from hotel taxes. Curiously, whoever decides how to allocate revenues finds it more useful to fund hideous bump-outs that deface Main Street and unnecessary additions to our pocket handkerchief park. Lately there has been a movement afoot to illuminate the phallic symbol some idiot erected in the park back when phallic symbols were more popular. This one commemorates the dubious accomplishments of a local man. Well and good. But now the local Rotary Club which came up with the eco-unfriendly idea of attracting  huge numbers of people to drink beer and listen to loud music at the park is planning to add insult to injury by placing floodlights that will illuminate The Great Penis.
Greenies who usually do not give much thought to depredations committed  locally--depredations in the rain  forest are a somehow sexier--are making noises about this latest example of eco-insensitivity. Me, I have fought my battles. Now I cultivate my garden where at the moment the roses are on the wane and the daylkilies are beginning to bloom. I wish the greenies better luck than I had when I tried to get the mayor and town council to consider revising policies that damage the local ecology. But if I were in the greenies' place I would not hold my breath.

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