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Maybe it is the grey clouds of several consecutively rainy days that makes crave assertive color. I am in love with yellow in all its variations. I am dazzled by daffodils, hibiscus, daysies, some Bonnard paintings, Bakst and Bilibin sketches. I am planning a in shades of of pale gold, buttercream, mango, mustard, and touches of ochre. So far, I have a fistful of paint chips, four watercolors, sixteen yards of yellow checkered cotton for the curtains, creamy toile lace, and two yellow quilts. It is just a beginning, but living by the millstream one learns to take its its song to heart. The tempo is adagio.
Adagio is precisely the tempo is I hope the friends who will stay in this room will embrace. I chose the colors and art for the light hearted feeling they convey. I want this to be a space where guests can recover the playful feeling of being on a wonderful camping trip. I am no particular fan of camping or fishing, but love the spirit of adventure, the disconnection from daily responsibilities and sameness camping awakens in aficionados. In a sense, I want my new guest room to have the atmosphere "Gone Fishing" signs bring to mind. At times such as ours when economic trouble, war and disaster are rife we all need havens. I can neither avert war nor disasters,. All I can do is make a haven to my friends and family. It is a very modest accomplishment, but I leave grand projects for those who have the talent and stamina to carry them out. Adagio, adagio and all grace notes I can muster. This is how I live by the old millstream.

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