Sunday, May 11, 2008

Equisetum hyemalis will join a white waterlily and blue flag in my small water garden. The hollow stems of this ancient plant can be made into baskets. I chose for its eye candy appeal rather than for its utilitarian qualities.

On another topic-- I note with dismay that many members are the garden forum I joined recently are hellbent on displacing the local fauna whenever it interferes with their plans. While gardening entails altering the environment to some extent, I tend to take a less radical approach than the that of gardeners determine to keep out blue herons, woodpeckers and the like out of their properties. Whatever happened to the idealistic folks who dreamed that gardening in harmony with nature is not an idiotic proposition? Why must every urban be forbidden territory for birds and other wildlife? So the heron ate my koi fish. Big deal. Koi do not belong in a garden bounded by the Potomac river. Herons do.

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