Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mock orange, real fragrance.

Left, balloon flower.


Meidiland rose and bomb peony.

Volunteer snapdragons.

Volunteer bachelor buttons.

Ballerina rose.

Ballerina rose.

Below, Shasta daisies, old roses and gold leaf caryopteris.

Mcdub rose has a fiery charm.

Russelliana and Madame Hardy roses.

A luminous peony seems to float into the summer dusk.

Fibonacci was right.

Hensol Harebell aquilegia blossom and seedpods.

Blue geranium.

Modern coral roses bloom in concert with OGR Alchymist.

Alchymist bud.

Buff Beauty rose glows in the late afternoon sun.

In late May, Buff Beauty is a symphony of color.

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