Wednesday, February 10, 2010


  Above--natural bling.
 Below--Nature's Munchian scream happened all by itself.

Enough is enough. When DC area drivers of snow ploughs stop working and  offices of the United States Post Offices  due to hazardous conditions it is time to turn of the celestial snow machine. Does anyone know how to do that? If so, consider raising the temp and slowing down the 50 mph window while you are at it. We have been  marooned since Thursday and there is no end of this relentless winter in sight. In fact, the forecast--I am starting to hate that word--calls for more snow on Sunday. 
It is comforting to hear that the National Guard is out helping DC area residents. Here at Little Macondo, we tough it out. My excellent neighbor Traci made a foray into Maryland a couple of days ago in her SUV--I hereby swear never to make  disparaging about humangous cars--and brought  back food for our dog and cats. We the bipeds have no shortage of good nomms. We have fresh maple cashew biscotti, bucatini rigati, fresh salad and baguettes. Our good friend Pyotr shoveled our driveway, brought in firewood-Morsolino, our wood stove is insatiable.  We have books, Robert Hicks's A SEPARATE COUNTRY, for example. Good stuff.  We will get through this.

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