Sunday, February 7, 2010


This from The WaPo,
"Closing the federal government for one day costs taxpayers roughly $100 million in lost productivity." The fed will close tomorrow. I can  just see r Chinese Premier Wen Jibao rubbing his hands gleefully.
Then there is this tidbit,   

Add to the  unpleasant news Al Qaeda's  rusty sword rattling somewhere in Tora Bora. What is more,  the Europeans are unhappy with US.  Oy vei iz mir. Should l pull the covers over my head? Not quite yet. Hang in there. The economy will improve, eventuall. terrorists will see the error of their ways and EUC will mellow out. The snow will melt, the feds will go back to work and all will be well with the world. You don't believe me? All right. Be a pessimist. See if it changes the world for the better.

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