Tuesday, February 28, 2012

                          Flower vase gets a new look with rubber bands and silver spray paint.
Tin upcycled with spray paint and water slide sticker can be used as a flower or plant container. 
Button stamp fail.

A simpler way to reuse wine cork is to make them into plant markers. 

In theory, making a stamp from a wine cork and a button, is a simple 
way to upcycle corks and save money.  It probably works if the button used has a carved surface that allows stamp ink to adhere to it.  My own experiment with this was a failure, as the photo above shows. I glued a heart-shaped button to a champagne cork and once the glue dried, I inked the button and applied it to paper. Since the surface of the button was too slick to collect ink. The image did not transfer t the paper. I might try again with a different type of button, but I find that wine corks work better as the plant marker shown above.
Spray painting a homely glass vase with Rustoleum Silver Bright was a more successful venture. I wrapped four rubber bands around the vase in order to mask the areas I wanted to leave unpainted. I think this turned out well and it is a good match for my mercury glass candlesticks.
I have posted photos of repurposed, painted tins before, but for my latest  project I used a  water slide sticker of heirloom roses. I will use the tin as a planter. I might attach to the tin a wire handle that will make it easy to to hang it well above the seven feet vertical space the deer in the resident herd can reach.
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