Tuesday, February 28, 2012

                          Flower vase gets a new look with rubber bands and silver spray paint.
Tin upcycled with spray paint and water slide sticker can be used as a flower or plant container. 
Button stamp fail.

A simpler way to reuse wine cork is to make them into plant markers. 

In theory, making a stamp from a wine cork and a button, is a simple 
way to upcycle corks and save money.  It probably works if the button used has a carved surface that allows stamp ink to adhere to it.  My own experiment with this was a failure, as the photo above shows. I glued a heart-shaped button to a champagne cork and once the glue dried, I inked the button and applied it to paper. Since the surface of the button was too slick to collect ink. The image did not transfer t the paper. I might try again with a different type of button, but I find that wine corks work better as the plant marker shown above.
Spray painting a homely glass vase with Rustoleum Silver Bright was a more successful venture. I wrapped four rubber bands around the vase in order to mask the areas I wanted to leave unpainted. I think this turned out well and it is a good match for my mercury glass candlesticks.
I have posted photos of repurposed, painted tins before, but for my latest  project I used a  water slide sticker of heirloom roses. I will use the tin as a planter. I might attach to the tin a wire handle that will make it easy to to hang it well above the seven feet vertical space the deer in the resident herd can reach.
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Friday, February 10, 2012


Chalkboard before it was repainted to correct flaws on the edges.The other side, seen below, was covered with thrifted wallpaper. The frame  was trimmed with velvet and silk ribbons.  

Acrylic stones glued to clear pins.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012


These are these are the latest sachets with embroidered felt and lavender. All the  embroidery is done freehand with obvious asymmetry.


For all their  good intentions,  upcyclists can enlarge their footprint in  the process of repurposing an object normally consigned to to the trash bin. Take my plan to reuse tomato tins, for example. I can cover them in fabric, which is biodegradable, but which must be treated in order to remain clean. That seems  to be, ecologically, the lesser of evils.  Then there is spray painting, which releases fluorocarbons into the atmophere and  leaves  leaves behind an unusable container. It is with that in mind that I will not repeat this project once I use up the blue and green chalkboard spray paint I purchased.  I have found a recipe for homemade   chalkboard paint  and that is what I will use next time along with I will buy  paint packaged in a reusable container. For the moment, this is what I am doing with the material on hand. 

Repurposed cookie tins. 

upcycled tins
Upcycled tomato tins.
NOte: I am having trouble with Blogger's editing function. The text was not meant to be in caps, but after having had an entry disappear twice, this will have to do. Sorry.
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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Left--Envelope with stamped and hand tinted image pasted on paper doily layered over  yellow  paint chip. 
Right--Card made with stamped and hand tinted  image of tea pot pasted on cupcake wrapper.
A used manila envelope cut into fourths and layered with cupcake wrapper and lacy paper doily
 makes great  mailers for garden seeds and small trinkets.
Valentine card and envelope made with paint chips, stamped image and paper doily.

An unexpected snowfall  calls for a well provided wood box, a pot of soup, a loaf of crisp bread. I had the latter on hand, after a productive day in the kitchen.  The latter required a trip to the wood pile where my invaluable wood guy had left me a cord of seasoned  cherry logs. That is when I found out that my efficient Scandinavian   wood latest batch of Valentines I intend to send to distant friends early next week.
The first Valentine I made this year was a sachet filled with lavender from my garden. I designed it for  someone whose vision and seriously impaired , which is why it was important to place  texture and fragrance above elements with great visual appeal. I created a little felt heart   embroidered with  French knots, clear seed beads and a cotton fabric applique that combines  a satisfyingly tactile quality and the rich scent of lavender blossom. This was such fun to make that I decided to add a similar sachet to the cards I am sending out.

 I like all  Valentines  though I deplore the commercialization of the holiday. Rather than buying mass produced cards I prefer to make my own. I use card stock base layered with  stamped, hand tinted images, paint chips, paper doilies,  cupcake wrappers and recycled  paint chips, lunaria (money plant) discs  from my garden  and candy wrappers. am particularly happy with  the You Are My Cup of Tea cards shown  in today and yesterday's posts.   I am equally happy with my oatmeal variation on the  cast iron bread recipe from Kinfolks Magazine   I read about in Alice Paulson's blog 

Oat bread baked in cast iron Dutch oven.

Chicken soup with egg noodles.
Orange curd--4 eggs beaten with half a cup of sugar, half a teaspoon cinnamon, half a teaspoon vanilla, three quarters of a cup of orange juice. Cook at medium temperature for approximately ten minutes or until it begins to thicken. 
Homemade hot chocolate mix.

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Friday, February 3, 2012


Envelope embellished with doily, stamped French script and printed hand coloured clip art.
My Cup of Tea card. 

Bookmark made with origami paper and recycled envelope.
Above: Envelope embellished with paper doily, lunaria and glue on crystal.
Below: Card made with origami paper hearts and hand tinted stamped image and tiny fan made from recycled gold chocolate wrapper.

                           Card and envelope made with paper doilies and stamped images.
Handmade mini notebook covered in burlap and decorated with plastic snowflake button and felt heart.

Mini notebook has endpapers made with from origami print.

Material used  to make bookmark and matchbook.
These are some of my Valentine's Day projects.More at the EVERYTHING PAPYREAN page.

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